September 17, 2009

Food, Food.....

Mixer on board the Ryndam, 2009.

Excitements: Himself has decided that we are going out to sea and partaking in a mock battle. Not a lot of cash to do this, but as a fund raiser it is a winner. We will be there with ear plugs on and wrist bands a waving. Life is too short and we need to enjoy it. BooOOOOOM!

Volunteering: I do so enjoy working in the back room of the cancer society. Today I’m having my hair cut by the manager who recently graduated from beauty school then discovered she didn’t like doing hair in a salon. She does like to do hair for shows tho.

Finding new worlds: School….ah, better but vastly over worked. Values too much the same.

Friends: Jean9 has been moved to a Catholic nursing home behind the San Diego Mission. It’s very good to know where she is.

Balance: Eating the cooking.

Groceries this week were under fifty dollars for two. This meager pittance includes mango salsa for the fresh tuna from the tuna boat captain two doors down. This tiny sum also covers tomato salsa for the leftover meatloaf, and two kinds of cabbage for the Citrus Slaw and dishwashing liquid as well as dishwasher soap. We have to clean up after the food, you know.

On reflection, I would do some of this differently.

Yes, that was a most wishy washy dressing on the slaw, and it was my first cooked dressing too. All these years of laboring in the kitchen, and this was my first truly bland dressing. To make it worse, it had 1/4 cup of olive oil in it. A pox on that.

Safeway/Vons offers a house Honey Mustard dressing that is very tasty and has not one iota of fat in it. I’d use that over the equal parts of red and Savoy cabbage, wasn’t it green cabbage in the old days, with a soupcon of sliced red onion. It’s supposed to be served with sliced avocado on top, but later in this diet the avo won’t be wanted.

Then, did I mention the overcooked “Garden Chicken” that was almost powdered in its enthusiasm. We didn’t eat one of the chicken breasts, and it just sat there until I threw it away. I hate waste.

Despite my recent failures, and microwaving the left over tuna filled the house with a tired fish smell, I continue to follow the Culinary Institute of America’s, (CIA), Weight Watcher Cookbook. This is dumb of course. After these two failures, for a full half-breast of chicken won’t cook through in a 350 degree oven in 25 minutes, I should know better.

I’m getting the hang of the new ways of cooking though. No Judy’s Meatballs with their high fat, high salt sauce. No old favorite Bob’s Dinner with its layers of cheese and high salt sauce here too. Finding a lower fat cheese that melts well and still tastes like cheese has been a challenge, but I have dug in and feel adventurous out shopping in a wider range of markets for an even wider range of products. New thinking also means fresh veggie salsa’s to stretch meats and add a fruit or vegetable to the menu. After a while you want something even newer.

We stay up every Wednesday to watch our favorite cooking show, but how ever much I love ”Top Chef,” I’m unwilling to eat as much fat and salt as they use on a regular basis ever again. After last night's show, I’m going to begin serving deconstructed meals with my tongue stuck in my cheek…..a line-up of one ingredient at a time. At least this will leave me laughing as I diet.


  1. If you can find it, try Leerdam light. It's the best "low fat" cheese I've found and melts nicely. I get it at Whole Foods. I keep trying the salsas, but half the time I forget to use them.

  2. The proof of the pudding as they say . . . do you feel the difference with the new diet yet?

  3. I never thought I could give up burgers and diet coke, but i've been clean since feb! if you can, watch the film "Food Inc." That helped! Good luck! you're not alone!


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