September 28, 2009

Restaurant Reviews

A real diner, the Studio Diner is noisy but fun. 2009.

Himself: Meetings, job hunting, talking with another job coach, swimming.

Herself: Totally fell apart when the job coach was here and caretook myself into enlightenment. Obviously I am far more upset than I knew about this long period of G’s unemployment. Panicked would be a good description. I’ll take action on this today.

Reading: Nothing at this exact second. Oh, poor me.

Balance: Being the assistant trash person at that speakers meeting. Noting that SDSU trash smells just like AA trash.

The Feasters dine out together to share our lives once a month. This month, we gathered at Joe’s Crab Shack at the Old Rowing Club by the bay.

Yes, the food was good. Yes, the deserts were delightful….I’d eat that giant piece of Key Lime Pie any old time. Yes, it was so noisy that we couldn’t hear ourselves talk. Since talking is a key part of this gathering, Joe’s Crab Shack didn’t make the cut as a regular stop on our eating circuit.

G had seen a review of the Studio Diner this last week, and he suggested the two of us go out and give it a try. All in favor say “aye.” So we did.

Charming on the outside, and just as charming on the inside. Prices just up a bit from our favorite breakfast place, Perry’s. Easy access to the counter if that’s where you like to sit….we do. From the counter you can see how the place runs, who is doing what, and watch the kitchen staff in action. We did. It was all good.

But again, it was noisy. A bit beyond noisy, actually. Outside in back is a patio that’s quiet, but on this day it was a bit warm too. We would eat there again if we couldn’t get in to Perry’s, but it won’t do for the Feasters.

Perry’s, Joe’s Crab Shack, and the Studio Diner all offer food at good prices in noisy atmospheres. Darn it. So the search continues for lunch or brunch places where we can hear ourselves talk.


  1. i'm sure it wasn't but that sure looks like a pickle with ice cream there!

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