September 16, 2009

September Log 1

Ice in Glacier Bay, 2009.

September 14: 0615: Cool weather at the beach at last. Having no responsibility to myself to think at dawn is also a delightful blessing.

Sunday we walked the swapmeet too long again. I complain, but I don't keep my eye on my own watch, and I am not being responsible for myself. Walking two and a half hours on macadam isn't good for me. My problem is remembering.

Monday is weigh day. Last week, it looked as if I had lost almost eight pounds. Last week too, G weighed himself at the doctor's office and we now know that our scale is four off from the doctor's scale, and the Y's scale is two pounds off. The good doc uses her scale as the one that counts, and the Y scale is my bench mark. I have to remember this or else I get confused with the numbers. No matter what, I've still lost the same amount of weight, just the numbers are different, the starting number was higher too. Ah, well.

Blogs. I've begun deleting those from my booked marked favorites who haven't written in a year, in six months, in forever. Yes, that certain guilt lurks just there. "Oh my, I think to myself, "that person will be right back, be back next week or the next….and I will want to know what they are doing." But they haven't been. "These are my friends," I think, but they have moved on in their lives….without excuses, they have just moved on.


September 15: 0616: Blogging. Not feeling "as if" I had to write here allows me to write much more comfortably. How do I feel? Less pressured. I didn't write every day in my paper journals, so why have I felt as if I must write in my online blog every day?

Food: I just don't have time for guilt. Frankly my dear, I ate a half slice of cake for Marion B's birthday, and I had a whole slice of cake at my birthday. Yesterday I compounded the felony by eating a movie size bag of plain M&M's. Yes, they were really, really good and later cookies at a meeting.

As was "September Issue",, here reviewed in Entertainment Weekly, a glossy tale of two heroines battling to create a new order amid the usual chaos.

I've done a lot of minor work laying out, pasting up, building ads for a printing company and for newspapers. The words were the same here. The dummy….the layout of the finished product so everyone will know what's where on what page, for the 2007 September Issue is a giant, weighty tome. Rings bind these plastic sheets together, and with a snap contents can be moved here or there or discarded. Photos are laid out in little brackets up on a wall and moved here or there seemingly on a whim.

Some of the Creative Director, Grace Coddington’s most exquisitely muted pre-Raphaelite and romantic photographs don't fit the image of this September issue that lives in Editor Anna Wintour's head. Her assistants bring more of this and more of that, editor's do this and that….sometimes I’m left wondering who has what job where, and whole features are re-shot at the last moment. With wit and charm. The whole worth seeing.


September 16. 2009: 0648: Life is delightfully comfortable but the weather maven’s tell us a miserable, scorching heat is returning to the coast. In the hundreds inland too. I must have even been a bit chilly last night as I spooned so tightly to G that it woke me up.

Ill friends: A new blogger friend got bad health news and vanished from the blogosphere; not good. No one answers my calls about Jean9. I worry. Nothing new about my south bay friend T but silence. With her lungs filled with fluid and no appetite, her prognosis isn’t good. K has continued eating….oh hurrah, and MB’s energy level is much expanded…triple hurrah. Best of all, Cha’s second surgery went well, especially with a lighter anesthesia, and she is home with chemo and radiation scheduled.

The Presbyterian prayer group shakes their heads over my list of friends with cancer. So many, they tell me as if it isn’t true. I had forgotten to mention T and hesitate now to add her.

Swimming every morning this week. Baa has been there ignoring us. She floats at the far end of the pool, and I keep turning her over.

Good practice for my painting class….turning over my work. Last week’s snowy mountain is really good. Palid but good. The ship hull is a miss-shapen dark blue blob that overwhelms the totality of the piece. I have to take it out today. Do the sky over too. Stronger….with a little more gesture. I have to do all this without making mud of the image.


  1. Just checking in and catching up. I so enjoy reading you. YOu are so motivated, you help to motivate me.

  2. I expect you have dropped my blog as I have not posted in over a year. I seem to do all my posts at Facebook. If you have a Facebook account please friend me. My name there is Julia Waite Bonser aka aenodia


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