October 13, 2009

Christmas Pricing

Turquoise Christmas tree ornaments, circa 2004.

Himself: Swam. Set up Lessa’s computer, went to a site that asked him to “call back,” job hunted and played games. Dinner soup and salad at Olive Garden. Before 4pm it’s only seven bucks.

Herself: Swam….oh, hurrah, wrote, Alanon, priced Christmas, and home to Geeeee-zer.

Reading: Victorianisms.

Balance: The water exercises are so good for the soul.

Donation’s are down coupled with the fact we had “Christmas In July” sale earlier this year. There will be less for sale out on the floor at the end of November. Still, there is a whole room of “stuff” that needs pricing.

“Oh, it’s the Christmas Lady, said one dear volunteer. Now I know I am in trouble. “Didn’t you come in last January and start pricing then,” she asked. Yes, I had.

And here I am again pricing things and finding few treasures. We have no old tree to donate this year, but someone else will come through with something special. Who knows what lurks in the back rooms of thrift stores.

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