October 14, 2009

Morning Star

There’s another drawer with lunch knives, and I obviously need to put the salad forks and teaspoons there too.

Himself: Swam, no jobs at all yesterday, put finish on boxes, played games.

Herself: Pushing for the return of the dining room table.

Reading: Victorianisms.

Balance: Sewed and pinned that last bit of binding on the red quilt.

I stood. Most of the day I stood in the kitchen and polished silver.

I have to admit, it seemed an endless job. I was dogged tho. I stood there and polished that new set of silver and then polished the old set we bought years ago. And polished and counted pieces while I polished.

We can serve eight folks dinner on Morning Star with a mixed bag of lunch and dinner knives and forks. We can actually serve six folks dinner with just the dinner service. You wouldn’t believe the luxury of teaspoons only two of which look as if they went through a dishwasher and only one through a saw.

The Geezer asked, “Are these all the serving pieces we have?” He was looking at just the few we got with the new lunch set. Nope, they weren’t. Over there in a box waited more big spoons one slotted, a nice salad set, three butter knives, two sugar spoons, one delightful pickle fork, and a partridge in a pear tree.

This morning, I opened the drawer to get a spoon and was near blinded by the glitter of it all. Sometimes it's the small things like this that make a day perfect.


  1. The Morning Star silverware looks beautiful. I remember my mother spending lots of time polishing our collection. I inherited a few pieces from my grandmothers, but have never taken it down and polished. Maybe I will do so before Christmas.

  2. Lovely salad set! No silver in my house. I know mom had some at one point, but I vaguely remember her selling it because we had no money.


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