October 11, 2009


Window washing outside balcony’s on one of the giant Vista hulled cruise ships. 2006.

Himself: Grumpy.

Herself: Down to the little stuff on my HD. Chocolate chip cookies last night. Now grumpy. Got Grumpy out of the dealer with only a little coolent in the oil, new oil, new gaskets at the intake manifold, and a sparkling engine compartment. Sometimes it takes little to make me happy.

Reading: Swiss Family Robinson.

It’s time to do some of these mundane house project that have hovering in the background for ever and ever amen. Like washing windows. Or scrubbing the new kitchen sink. Oh it needs scrubbing after rinsing dishes from the really good beef and cheese enchiladas’ last night after which I forgot to rinse the sink. The sink isn’t a laughing matter this morning, but the enchiladas were just flat out delicious, thank you.

I can so easily digress.

So I’m almost done with deleting jpg’s….that mountain of unseen, badly composed, badly focused, badly shot pictures that I’ve been clogging up my hard drives with. Never end a sentence with a preposition.

I’m also ready to rebind that small edge on the Red quilt. The old is off, and the new purple fabric is cut and right over there with the red quilt. I could do that. I need new underwear and new World’s Softest Socks for the upcoming winter. They are only sold at the far, far away Viejas Indian Reservation Outlet Center. Geeeee-zer has almost finished rebuilding my cranky old computer to its original configuration. Mouse, keyboard, good stuff, installed.

Perhaps there is some way to drive from far off Lessa Land to equally far away Indian Reservations without ending up driving an “L.”

I’d rather drive that circuit there than wash windows or scrub sinks any day. Digression is my specialty this grey Sunday.


  1. Love the idea of mastering the art of digression. Spent the last days working on a project proposal for funding a new research project. Lots of hours and don't know if it was just a digression.

  2. I like the idea of noting what you are reading. Sometimes I'd like to tell people, but I don't want to do book reviews.

  3. huh! never thought about washing the salty spray off all those windows. Nice photo!


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