October 10, 2009

Moments Like These

Stuffed bathroom. 2009.

Himself: Off now to the museum with a trunk full of old Automotive magazines for the museum library.

Herself: Ate too many no sugar cough drops before bed last night. Got a return letter from Ba…I’m glad she wrote.

Reading: The new Kellerman. Excellent.

Balance: Reading quietly in a pool of light deep into the night. Sending prayers out for friends.

Silver Patterns: This site has descriptions and prices of most American silver plate patters back into the 1800’s.

There are those moments that leave you shaking your head about yourself. Obviously there is no sanity here on garage sale days.

At our first estate sale stop I found an incomplete set of Morning Star Silver plate. I leapt on it asking, “How much,” thinking it would be far beyond my price range.

“Six bucks,” the owner said. I clasped them to my breast knowing I had the find of the day in my arms. We bought another partial set in this pattern many years ago, and paid twenty five dollars for that set.

I am out in the world hitting estate sales with specific goals. I’m not looking for silver….even six dollar silver, I am looking for 1950’s turquoise Christmas decorations. He’s looking for salt and pepper shakers….especially the one at the top of his blog.

Instead we found wonderful cookbooks. I brought home two more. G found a working MAC for a granddaughters birthday for almost nothing. And at the very last sale, up near our house, G found a whole box of Automotive Magazines and I found another rabbit.

I hang my head. What I do not need is another stuffed animal in this house. G’s mom made stuffed bears….Ruby bears with ruby earrings in one ear. We have bears. I’ve bought a bear or two of my own over the years….and a rabbit too. What in heaven’s name do I need with another rabbit.

Whatever am I to do with myself?

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  1. I wanted a stuffed monkey toy when I was a child but never got it despite my pleading. While my children were growing up, you wouldn't believe the number of stuff animals I bought them over the years; little better for the grandchildren, but for me, I know I was really buying all those toys for myself and enjoying them through the children. Now I buy cookbooks instead. You'd think I'd have learned to cook by now, wouldn't you? The truth is, I buy the books for the stories that go with the best of them.

    Nice being back here for a few minutes; I've missed your postcards!


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