October 9, 2009

Friday Semi Lite

An AIDS Quilt block made by Continental Airline employees for fellow employees who had died of AIDS in the 1980’s.

Himself: Didn’t swim, went to help a friend who isn’t good on his computer, soup and salad at Souplantation.

Herself: Didn’t bike yesterday. Must bike today as I have started panting when I move around again. Surgery site is finally beginning to heal.

Reading: Catching up with the Newsweek’s.

Balance: Those few moments downstairs in the quiet house alone.

  • The poem: There wasn’t a great clamoring of enthusiasm, but there was laughter at the end. On the way home with Gorgienna, I’m the ride of a much admired local poet who just published her latest chap book, I asked her about the piece. She told me that it was much like the pieces that were being published today but a little better. She liked it. That wasn’t just faint praise, that was a roaring enthusiastic response. I’m very pleased, and after I dropped her off at home made the suggested changes right away.

  • Grumpy’s done it again. Poor old man….he’s been leaving drops on the garage floor. One drop of oil does not an emergency make. We thought the service writer was talking oil, and we were glad to know it was coolant. One good sized puddle of coolant does make an emergency. His engine compartment is now lined with spatters too. They will fix his leak, the intake manifold, and clean the engine compartment. Better them than me. Better now than when we blow a head gasket. The tech showed up and G and he had good bonding time. “That’s the cleanest old truck he’ll ever work on,” said the service writer.

  • I broke down and wrote Stir M. Life between us has been silent, and friendships are not silent things. “I’ve been thinking about you too,” she wrote back. She has a tale to tell of a round the America’s cruise, her brother dying, a heart attack, of cataract eyes causing a fall breaking a femur. “And how are you,” she asks back. I, thinking she is fragile and getting old at 81, answer and suggest dinner. We can pick you up, I suggest. Oh, I am off on another trip, but I will email you as soon as I return about dinner. Nothing fading about Stir.

  • More jobs are appearing this week that G can do. We are both pleased.

  • Stopped by Lenora’s to pick up what she felt might be the piece we are missing on the Shaker rocker. Not the piece, but we agreed to hold the Grandma Madgie’s dishes set aside for Lessa until she has a place with room for them. Right now she lives in a cubby hole about twice the size of our master bath. It’s a darling cottage, but it is small. One set of dishes barely fits, and I know she has two. We came home and cleared two shelves in the garage. It’s amazing what you can do if you pack things tightly.

  • Found the edition of "Swiss Family Robinson," with dust jacket, for a buck yesterday that I had as a kid. It had burned in the Garrison House and all my other books. For me, books were the good part of my childhood.

  • In the life is good category. Life is good. Sometimes things move slower than any of us want. Someday I dream of going to Disneyland again. Silly me. I pray for the health of my friends who are ill. Nothing silly about this, and I am very grateful I can do this small bit to help. For you see, we all believe that prayer works. Now I will go do some exercise so I can keep that life going.

  • Hugs to you all……I believe in hugs too.

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