October 16, 2009

Friday Lite

MJ and G who is wearing the old coat and pants….unfortunately out of focus. Mea Culpa.

Himself: Swam, job interview, visited Jean9, went to two Ross Dress For Less and one Marshalls. Meatloaf sandwiches.

Herself: Wrote, poetry group, Visit Jean9, Ross and Marshalls. Meatloaf and mayo sandwiches. Knee better. Found a Coldwater Creek ad with clothes in black, white, and a red sweater that I can copy with the addition the red cardigan. I found the red cardigan at Ross.

Reading: Good Housekeeping. Yes, I said that.

Balance: Geee-zer.

  • Post Modernism: Oh, I took my little postmodern, all on the surface theater of the absurd, to my poetry workshop yesterday. Modernist writing creates a situation where the author controls the readers response. Postmodernism, open writing that lets the readers create their own < http://vc.ws.edu/engl2265/unit4/Modernism/all.htm>connections, didn’t yesterday. Ah well, I had fun in the creation of those meme’s, those unconnected poetic words.

  • In the clothes make the man category, yesterday himself looked like a baggy old street person in his old, once well crafted, long ago fashionable clothes. Going to a job interview as Mr. Baggy wasn’t the way I thought he would get a job. The shirt and tie were great. The pleated pants offered a frontal tutu, and the very genteel, high quality 1970’s wool, blue blazer was too “long” with matching sleeves. Nope. Since he thought he didn’t get the job because he wanted too much money, and I thought he looked like Mr. 1970’s Baggy, I could do something with the clothes.

  • Good old Ross offered up several dark blue wool Ralphies…fractionally several sizes too small. I’m a brand snob….watch me. Marshalls had nothing at all, and the Ross near us had that same blue Ralphie blazer only one size too small. Perry Ellis grey dress slacks with no pleats too. Yeah, he doesn’t want to dress better than the next interviewer, but that Lauren should last more than six years.

  • So moving on into thinking of the future, we made meatloaf sandwiches using that Better Homes and Gardens 1939 cookbook. It’s the one that says, “scald one cup of milk.” Right. We sat, we ate while watching mindless, comfort food TV such as the new Judge Judy or Cash Cab, and suddenly G sat up truly awake. His phone was vibrating. “I hope you don’t mind if I take over here,” said a big boss sort of voice. G returned the call to leave a message. Perhaps when he goes back tomorrow garbed like a member of the 21st century, maybe they will dicker on pay.

  • 0615: I’ll probably add to this entry as the day goes by. We are practicing cautious optimism here.

  • 1357: One of those, "We will call you back next week things, darn it.


  1. Do you know for certain that G. didn't get the job? Is there anything else of interest being pursued at the moment? My contract runs out in December, so very interested to see how others are doing on the job seeking front.

  2. Good luck to G. I'll check back later to see what happened.

  3. No, he hasn't gotten the job yet. There was another 20 minute phone interview, and he wanted too much money....almost ten grand more than they wanted to pay. They will call back, they said. But that's a huge difference.

  4. :/ to bad about the job, and the pay. (having alot of open id errors trying to comment!)


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