September 21, 2013

Listening edit

Lately most of life has just been listening.  A little waiting too.  Life has also been posting pictures and doing the visual things that I do.  I always seem deal with great sadness’s and joys visually.

Put up a picture.  Think about it.  Maybe shed a tear or two.  I still have a photo of Delpha as Cosmo’s mom up on the office wall.  I have Marion B and Duck up on the wall near me.  I had more friends up, but the grandkids are beginning to take over.  They don’t know me from Adam, but I always keep them in my thoughts with joy and hope.

Drama is also good for a picture or two also.  The Maritime Connector has a wonderful article with the best pictures of the ruined Costa Concordia hull.

Then there's family.  I have the pictures of Paul,

Don, and Mikey.

Today Bobbies mother…
In this picture, Bob and Arlene, Bobbies father and mother, with Arlene and I talking as usual.  Lastly Margot.

Then a brilliant writing cohort, Martha.  Here, police officer author, Marion B, and Martha at a Poetry Group meeting.


  1. Your articulating how you deal with sadnesses and joys visually means so much to me. It had not registered with me until I absorbed your post that the visual aspect of my blog has been a vital element of my "dealing."

    I am more verbal than visual, but I had considered neither as a factor in my emotional healing. Mage, thanks for giving me insight into myself.

  2. This post has me too thinking about myself and the way I handle sadness and joy. Thank you for the stimulus to do so. Like LC I'm more verbal than visual. I "write myself out" privately when I'm feeling strong emotion. Part of that is usually examining the emotion, putting it into a logical context. Does that mean my left brain wants a part in it? Probably. Yet, though I see myself as having almost no sense of artistry, I do have photographs about, recording people important to me.

  3. This post reminded me of the song "Faded Photographs." We forget so many things until we see that photo and we ask "Really? Was that really the way it was?"

  4. I've got photos all over the place too. It makes me smile to look at them.

  5. So is that you...the tall elegant looking gal in the first of the last three photos? Love the nice tan. I could never get there, all I did was develop skin cancer after hours in the hoo!





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