January 20, 2016

Photos and More Photos

Mom and Bob at Milaka’s graduation.

All day, every day, I struggle, putter, and work with photos.  Less coughing and more struggle.  Much of the struggle is about my learning disabilities inability to understand what the Photohost is trying to tell me. 

I was very glad to discover that G was having the same problem with Flickr that I had.  Tho Flickr said it supported Blogger, it also requires feedback from Blogger to let you post a photo.  No feedback happened.  After two long conversations with Snapfish live chat, I was not reassured that I could post photos from their new pages.  Two test runs with Photobucket, and a very long, slow upload of ALL my mother photos leads me to think I can use this site. 

I know you really wanted to know all this.  LOL

Dinner was simple stuff again.  It keeps G’s tummy happy and my unenthusiastic response to cooking happy.  Tonight a veggie and salad.  Tomorrow a fatty entre and fruit.  I encourage him to make wheat bread…he’s allowed a slice a day.

Life feels like it’s getting back in balance again.

  • Himself:  Working his own work today.  He’s become the jack of all trades for his company.
  • Herself:  Photos endlessly.  Slept like a rock all night at last.  Oh, Hurrah!!!
  • Reading:  Finished the last Crais…that I own.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am feeling so much better.


    1. i admire your patience. I have none when it involves photos & computers.

    2. Glad you're feeling better. Love the photo, so worth the work I think.

    3. Good for you for hanging in there with the photos. MS 10 on my laptop won't let me post photos on blogger, can't figure out why. When I switch back to Internet Explorer they load just fine!? Makes me want to take a nap.

    4. So glad you are feeling better. Slow and steady wins the race....and all that jazz.

    5. I am still wondering why you won't post photos directly to blogger. WHy do you want to go through a third party?

    6. I've been able to post photos fine with Firefox. Computer glitches really make my eyes cross.

    7. Computer issues can be so energy draining because once you think you have solved it, it will work once or twice and sometimes just go back to how it behaved before. Then interface software changes and starts the headaches all over again...unless you have lots of money and upgrade every year.

    8. You two and your health and techno challenges. It's enough to make you cry sometimes...or laugh. Can't decide.

    9. Challenges make us stronger, and you have had yours, for sure.

    10. The two in the photo look so happy with each other - Oh to have been a fly on the wall and known what the joke was.
      Here's hoping all those challenges melt away as the days go by - then you two (too) will be able to laugh with each other :)

    11. I really wanted to know that because it seems I have developed learning difficulties.
      Since Windows 10 I can't email photos but my gallant step-son comes next week from Paris so all should be well. Ooh speak of the devil - he's just phoned:)

    12. So glad you are feeling better:)


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