January 22, 2016

Smiles and Orts

Catalina from above, 2015.

  • Everyone has been telling me that I am so happy these days.  They should feel lucky I stayed home with my bronchitis.  Napping a lot makes me a very happy, weller person….if there is such a word.
  • Computer woes.  I was never able to get into either my doctor’s Scripps page or the imaging page to see what they want me to see.  After another one of those “naps,” I was able to blow it all off.  They did let me know by both letter and phone call too.  Managed to get a follow up appointment without accessing “my” pages.
  • Oldest daughter is still speaking to me.  I’m really pleased about that.  I even made her laugh yesterday.  Youngest daughter can see well at last now both eyes are done.  G and I are waiting for her hospital and doctor’s bills, and his, before we contemplate our next trip.  The last was Catalina, and I have hope the next will be Yosemite.
  • Me, me, me:  After caretaking my eldest, I came home to caretake me….to simplify my own home.  Banish clutter to where?  My surfaces now look clean, and life has been banished to the bookcases.  Made me laugh.
  • G’s birthday.  I knew he wanted something electronic for his birthday, but he surprised me with his request.  He wanted a fancy new Keurig.  I knew they made one single sized cup.  I didn’t know that they made one giant cup too.  They do.  Nice clear, good tasting coffee.  I cleaned out the Mr. Coffee, which is what it really needed, and got it ready for storage.
  • I haven’t tried to combine going to the pool and work on the same day yet.  Today I stayed home yet again, but next week I might be brave.  Maybe next Wednesday I can do both.
  • Gratitude too:  That Lois Mc Master Boujold has a new Vorkosigan book coming out the first of next month.  I called my local independent bookstore to put my name on one, and I asked the girl, yes you can tell a girl’s voice from a woman’s voice, if she had read them yet.  “No,” she told me. I went into my spiel about how wonderful they were, and when she looked them up she said, “Oh, that’s why we ordered so many.”
  • Gratitudes: That I am feeling so much better.  That we have breakfast out with friends both Saturday and Sunday.  That the sun will come out at some point today.  What more could one ask?


    1. My contention is that there is no such thing as a bad nap. You've been busy with family. Such a blessing to be able to help out where you can. Have a great weekend!

    2. The change in weather has been hard, I imagine. I'm glad you are up and running again, so to speak.

    3. I find this a difficult time of year and am also napping at the drop of a hat. I believe in listening to my body and if there is ice I shall hibernate.

    4. Good gracious! You are so busy, but you're a good mother. I hope you get many naps in. I take them whenever I can.


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