March 28, 2016

In the Sunshine

Home from an intense weekend.  There were roses this time.  There was also the news that the old part of this hotel was to be bulldozed bit by bit over the next few years.  The wide variety of these roses live in the older part of the property. 

As we talked, and smoozed, attended panels, meetings, and all the rest of the continual stuff that makes up a convention, we both made new friends.  As I wandered the paths looking for roses, I met a lovely lady hiding under a tree.  She and I struck up a conversation then ran into each other continually throughout the next four days.  What a delight.  Other friends took a standing ovation while we cheered them on. 

George and Peter ran the literature table.  There is always one of these at any convention.  Peter had a very bad experience with his co-worker last year, and he was wary of working with someone he didn’t know this year.  By the end of the four days, George and Peter’s sense of humor bonded them into fast friends.  What a delight.  Margot came two days, and I think she too made new friends and had fun.

I did walk miles every day with help from my walker…more than I would have in the pool out here in the world.  The best part of this was that I got to take my seat with me.  Today I am beyond pooped.  So is the great Geezer, but boy did we have a good time.

  • Himself:  Took a fishing trip through the convention, and the high seas discouraged all his meds.  Today, to busy to do anything but catchup at work.
  • Herself:  Photos for the store, photos for Bobbie on Facebook, groceries, nap, reading…that sort of stuff.  LOL
  • Reading:  JB West’s “Upstairs at the White House.”  Still fascinates.
  • Gratitudes:  That I was able to do so much over the last 4 days.


    1. Sounds like a great time. More rose pictures to come?

    2. Sounds great. Beautiful rose in that pic.

    3. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. It's always great to make new friends. I love the sun light on that rose!

    4. Glad that you pushed yourself in terms of moving about. Keep it up at home. It will benefit you so much to keep that blood pushing to every little edge! So glad that you met so many delightful people. You are the type of person that makes people happy and trustful, so the benefit came back to you!

    5. Congrats on making it through all 4 days of the convention. I know how much effort you have to put into just 'being' there! But the new friendships are a true bonus!

    6. Walk, walk, walk. That's what we did yesterday and felt better today for it. Yes. dry land makes for better walking I think.


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