April 22, 2016


A bit of our local earth: Sunset Cliffs on a sunny day.

It was a revolutionary idea, and a Southwestern College art professor brought it to our city.  Earth Day.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  Bob Matheny was a noted artist and teacher.  I was a 30 year old college student with two jobs, two small kids, and an artist husband who lived life his way.

I didn’t know the earth needed saving.  Yes, I lived and worked in LA during the worst of the smog years, but I didn’t understand you could do something about the smog.  I who drove a 54 Oldsmobile and a 53 Chevy Carryall named Maxwell Silverhammer, just lived moment to moment.  Drugs and alcohol were taking over my life, and the alcohol would stay with me for another thirteen years.

Today I am slightly more awake.  I truly appreciate Matheny, for his crazy ideas have become a part of our everyday lives.  My two vehicles meet the California emission requirements…amazingly.  We recycle more things than we put in the trash.  We use water carefully, mindfully.  All these things don’t seem at all revolutionary now.

How has Earth Day changed your life?  I’d really like to know.

  • Himself:  He’s been a pretty funny guy lately.  Getting skinnier too.
  • Herself:  Passover begins today.  I’ve learned the hard way that I cannot do a full workout, back exercises, and go to work too.  Work, stretches, Gently.  Keeping moving is all important.  Three days till we move out for 4 days.  Tenting does that to you.
  • Reading:  One last Longmire.
  • Gratitudes:  Lots of thank you’s.


    1. My family started recycling. Had a garden all the veggie matter went in there. Joined a bring your own bags/boxes food co-op and while I'm far from that now I still bring my own bags. My sons got big time recycling experiences in grade school. That's the time to show them K-2. They still recycle. I guess it helped change the way I see how we live on mother earth. Love your mother! Wish more people did. The mpg on my van is not sterling but it's paid for and is 11 years old. Only has 64,000 on it. I try to compensate by driving it less and keeping it in good shape.

    2. In this island home, composting, recycling, and re-using have become a way of life. We are looking for a new car and want a hybrid, but I'm not sure yet if it will work for us. We'll see next week.

    3. I cannot remember a time when we were not concerned about the environment. My mother carried a torch for all those organic gardening books, so I was indoctrinated early.

    4. I didn't even know about Earth Day until my niece posted something on FB. I don't know that it has caused any change at all, but the programs designed to clean up the Earth have brought some changes in the way we live. We try to recycle far more than ever before, and are more aware of the effects of our lifestyle on the world's water and air. We don't compost, but might eventually, if I ever get some raised flowerbeds put together.

    5. In the mid-80s, the environment was a component of the new world issues course that I taught, so, without going overboard, I have been aware ever since. We are all trapped in a time and space where our options are limited, but we can do little things such as those you have mentioned.

    6. So we were in school together with kids and jobs....what fun. As for Earth Day...yes, yes, yes. Read my post today!

    7. Since Art worked for the U.S. EPA, everyday is still Earth Day for us. I was extra conscious of it when I was teaching though since I had to teach the kids about it.


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