April 24, 2016

Taking a Trip: Not Taking a Trip

...or tenting adventures.

Slowly we pack.  Most of the day has been spent inching our way out of home and into a motel.  Good clothes hanging.  Can I find my work apron?  No.  G packs his meds and computer cables together.  Will we ever be able to find anything?  Though I’m calling this a four day cruise on the beach, it isn’t.

We were off to a local motel, but they were just very rude to G on the phone.  After a brief break and online,  we are now tucking into a cheaper and polite Extended Stay up on the Valley rim.  We are not alone; Imagine 400 other folks trying to find a place to stay for four days…all at once.  If I weren’t mildly depressed by the packing, I’d find that amusing.  Boxes, bags, and suitcases litter the house.  If it might be going in our mouths, double bag it.  Spices packed by drawer, and ditto my jewelry.  We just bagged everything in both bathrooms.  Simple.

I’m trying to remember the things we use every day.  Coffee cups?  I use a spoon and tall glass for my evening meds.  Bowls for breakfast and snacks.  Every time I think we have everything, I remember something else.  Coffee maker? 

Grumpy is now empty and just waiting for the myriads of boxes and suitcases to fill him up again.  We double AA’s are off into the Valley with our AAA discount.  Taking a trip?


  • Himself:  Booking an extended stay in the valley which is twenty bucks cheaper a night.  I can get to work on the freeway.
  • Yes, tenting.  We will be outta here for 4 days.

  • Herself:  Packing the essentials in Grumpy and leaving Monday Night after he get’s off work.

  • Reading:  I packed 4 Gilman’s.  Bringing Longmire videos.

  • Gratitudes:  Wonderful dinner and chatting with Monica and Dennis last night. 


    1. Lots of work. Hope you remember everything you need. Take care.

    2. Blithering nuisance. We need to do this but keep putting it off.

    3. It is usually only annoying if you forget something you use everyday. You can probably substitute or do without. Yes, it is not a vacation and at our age "adventure" does not excite. Just keep telling yourself "I am not a refugee leaving my war torn home."

    4. I'm assuming your building is being treated for termites?

    5. What a misery to be roared out like this, but. Needs must. Kudos to you for keeping a positive attitude. This too shall pass.

    6. Such a pain, this getting ready for tenting. Been there, did that a couple of times. Just know that things will be better once you're back in your home and everything is back in its proper space. Hugs of patience to you and G.

    7. If we forget to bring something, there are stores a block away.

    8. What a pain. Hope you find ways to enjoy yourselves.

    9. Dang! I would have put you up at my house!

    10. This is why I'm dreading having our house tented some day. No fun at all.


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