August 3, 2016

Family Things

While I was off running errands, the doctor returned my call.  I have an appointment about my hip pain…which is vastly less since I took forbidden Aleve.

While I was feeding us early, the whole crew from the North showed up.  The little SUV we had lined up to see was sold by a jerk who played games with us.  Found another…up north, of course. 

More details later, but I forgot to take pictures. 


  • Himself:  Very pleased.  And today he’s meeting his new doctor at Kaiser.
  • Herself:  Books today.
  • Reading:  Zena Henderson.
  • Gratitudes:  Almost Olympic Time.


    1. Car deals can be the worst deals. UGH!

    2. Car shopping is an agony and I am so glad I have to do it once a decade.

    3. We just bought a new vehicle to replace our nine year old car. I'm glad we don't have to do it more often. Hateful experience.

    4. Alright crew! Leave the game players in the dust.

    5. Celebrex is my friend. If it shortens my life, at least it makes it more enjoyable in the meantime. Doc says that 200mg per day is fine. The reported danger is with 400mg. I think I got the units right.

    6. hope your hip continues to improve!

    7. Great photo of your daughter. She has a beautiful smile.


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