August 1, 2016

OMG Gratitude

We had a lovely, busy weekend.  I confess to a George baked brownie at the BBQ.  The next night we climbed to the middle of the Balboa theater and enjoyed “Thriller” by the Gay Men’s Chorus with a few M&M’s.  Wonderful fun stuff indeed.

Yesterday afternoon, we loaded ourselves up with sunscreen and were off to the ball park to watch the Padres and Reds.  It was military day, and Marines in uniform were everywhere.  The sky was a beautiful blue, the air was perfect, we were in the shade, and at the beginning, our team got the first run.

As we neared the end of the game, I reached for my old black backpack.  It was in the seat next to me.  Now it was gone.  I looked everywhere.  So did George.  Security and police came.  We watched each departing person.  George went through trash cans.  The police advised.  The Guest Service Officer consoled.  I was frozen in a layer of misery.

George took one last check down where we were sitting.  There was the bag sitting right in my seat.  Everything was in it.  All we could do was guess that someone took it by accident, and returned it when they noticed it wasn’t theirs. 

We are all still grateful.  I even hugged everyone.  I am the most grateful person you know.


  • Himself:  Subrogating all day.  He loves this.  Out for a Spring Round up meeting.
  • Herself:  A gentle pool workout.  My hip is still MIA.  I’ll call the doc tomorrow if it is still not functional.  Writing, shopping, reading, meeting.
  • Reading:  Another novel of the People by Henderson.
  • Gratitudes:  That someone brought the backpack back.


    1. People are really good....except the ones who stole a camera from the bench in front of the museum. They are not so good.

    2. How fortunate to find an honest person! So glad for you.

      I love it when things turn out so well...except for the hip!

    3. How unusual for that to happen.

    4. People are either basically honest or what you had in the backpack wasn't worth the hassle. LOL Were there security cameras to pick it up in the area?

      1. Honest....the entire contents of my purse plus a Padres Jacket. No camera.

    5. There are good people in this old world.

    6. People are amazing, aren't they? A lot of very honest people in the world... grateful on your behalf too...

    7. I am soooooo glad they returned it.


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