August 5, 2017


I must confess what you already knew…I’m a slob. 

I take jewelry off and put it in a pot on top of my dresser.  I don’t just throw things around anymore, I don’t decorate with my bracelettes on nails.  I no longer just put things on any surface, I use a container.  This is progress, you know.  One of my projects for the day was to put these things in the overflowing jewelry pot away in the official spot.

I use a very small bowl so thing can’t get too far out of control.

Another quiet project for this afternoon was to sort out the tiny art gallery in the bathroom.  I’m using one of those metal holders that came with desk sets at the turn of two centuries ago.  If dear friends send post cards, I save the good ones for this mini gallery.  I rotate them around according to my sense of humor for the day. 

Comic Con has proved an endless source of small art too.  Almost every art booth on the main floor offers a post card advertising their wares.  Book sellers offer rows of books and cute bookmarks too.  A dedicated swag hunter can pick up enough tiny art to keep themselves amused until another year. 

I found>Moya Hahn’s work here.  This woman has a great imagination that she uses to create an unusual beauty.  I can’t afford her work, but have bought a couple of her postcards.  Another artist with a totally different and more traditional comic style is>Travis Hanson.  He continually surprises me by his quirky imagination.  

These and many other traditional artists amuse me every day right in front of my face on a tiny shelf.  (As I forget to hang up my accessories.)
  • Himself: 
  • Herself:  Doesn’t Photobucket know that Facebook will host pictures for free?  Finally got started on a less traditional design on the quilt for Bobbie.  So far abstractions please me.
  • Reading:  Perry 4
  • Gratitude’s:  That quilt moving out at last.


  1. I like small projects. Just enough to say I accomplished something other than reading and writing every day.

  2. Your organizational skills improve by leaps and bounds.....I wish someone would organize me.

  3. Your mini-gallery is an excellent idea! I've always been intrigued by minatures, anyway.

  4. Slob is likely overstating it. It's very interesting, I'm sure.

  5. Love your mini-art in the bathroom project. Now I know what to do with those postcards I have!

  6. Nice idea to display the postcards. Shame to waste such nice art.

  7. Now you have ma on guilt trip and as I look over my shoulder at my dressing table I quail. SOOOO difficult to ditch things. I thought my husband was bad at that and I seem to be catching him up.

  8. nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing

  9. I have to laugh -- I came across a zippered bag in my undies drawer and when I looked inside, I discovered all of the junk jewelry I thought I had got rid of...LOL Bad... Love your pyrex bowl set. I have the yellow one and a Dormeyer mixer bowl -- yep, that big straight-sided milkglass one. Love it!


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