September 28, 2017

TAKING A DAY OFF : Poolie and Grumpy updates

From the stern of the Elation, 2008.

He’s got jury duty, and I am home alone.

Usually the first thing I do after a bit of the news is to update the ACS Discovery shop page.  I hit the pool next.  Two days ago, I burned a not-nice little line on my right arm.  I tried going in the pool one day, and my whole arm turned pink and swelled.  Didn’t you really need to know that.

My friend Cammie remarked, “You don’t know what bacteria is in that water.”

We do know it’s not ok stuff.  My arm is testament to that. 

Yesterday we went to a staff party at a new bar in Liberty station.  (The old Naval Training Center.)  They drank beer.  We ate pub food.  We ate desert too….and it was HUGE.  I’ll spend my day off today reading, feeling guilty, and reading.

When I look across the desk, there’s no George there working hard.  I hope he has fun today, but I miss him.
  • Himself:  Caught the trolley to the courthouse.  Update:  He put the radio in and the short went away.  Great sound and the clock now works.
  • Herself:  The center of the new quilt is done.  I need to add the borders and go to Rosies to buy a very dark purple for the remainder of the quilt.  Gotta make the backing too.
  • Reading:  Blogs, Kovel’s antiquing newsletters.  A Peter Robinson Brit-mystery too.  I like it.
  • Captain Poolie:  Thursday: Looking a little white around the gills last night.  Perked up after her friend Pam fixed dinner.  Doctor and board meeting yesterday.  Scans.  Doctors today.  News is good but she is beyond tired from the steroids.  They did give her 1000 times more radiation than they usually use too.  Friday: Left leg very swollen now.  Think it's a blood clot.  More doc appointments today.  Update:  It is a blood clot.
  • Gratitude’s:  I found myself just walking around saying “thank you” this morning.


  1. Poor am, was it the chlorine that aggravated it? Your quilt sounds wonderful. Love purple.

  2. Jury duty! I was always thankful never to have been selected for it! Good luck to Himself.

    Glad Poolie is recovering nicely.

    Have a great day, Mage.

  3. Replies
    1. Fantastic!! Robert was called up more than the average bear! LOL They must have liked the fact that he was a gov't employee and an easy pick!

  4. I stayed at the hospital 24/7 while Robert was in... couldn't think of going home without him. Even now, though he's sleeping in a chair in the living room, I wake up and go check on him. We're both two peas in a pod when it comes to our husbands... Hugs to you both!

  5. Who knew swimming pools could be so toxic? Hope the arm is much better.
    Jury duty can be interesting. Hope it was.

  6. Getting caught up to you. I'm that way about projects, too. Luckily I can just leava most stuff out and still have some tidy areas.

  7. Take care of any infections. Hubby burned his hand on the BBQ last night and kept ice on it for 4 hours which seemed to help as it looks better today.

  8. Pool water always made me a little nervous, but my kids were OK when they were on the swim team so I hope so.


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