October 10, 2017


That’s me in 1983…a little off center in the red suit. 

I confess that I faked it well enough a few years earlier, and I got a job helping with the Assisted Swim Program at Mesa College.  They had one class at the Plunge, above, and that made it easy.  I didn’t even have to change suits.  But underneath the red suit I was a fake.

I never was into any form of sports.  Probably it was because I couldn’t see anything without my glasses.  Even with glasses I couldn’t throw or catch a ball.  I wasn’t very good on a golf course either.  That was my family’s passion, golf.  Just as importantly, I wasn’t a success in the pool until I discovered synchronized swimming.  Amazingly, I could do that.

Over the years, I have broadened.  Not my horizons, but me.  I don’t teach swimming now, but I still keep my nasal passages out of the chlorinated water.  I can walk in the water but not well on land.  Sluggish and lazy be me indeed.  I’d rather be reading a book any old day.

This morning I almost cheered when the check in lady told me the pool was closed because of a chlorine leak.  I almost raced to the car, raced to my breakfast, and when I am done here, I will race to the well written book just waiting for me.

  • Himself:  Yesterday, got a shot for his torn meniscus, got an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon, seems accepting at last.
  • Herself:  I have to dust the books in back of the bed…..the cough, achoo, and repeat will end.
  • Reading:  Amberwell.  Very touching.
  • Captain Poolie:  Getting ready for a picnic lunch with her sister.
  • Gratitude’s:  For friends that are ok in the fires.


  1. I would feel the same about that reprieve, Mage.

  2. Sounds like something worth hurrying for.

  3. all that racing around makes me hungry

  4. Sometimes we all need a break from our routine and so glad yours was a surprise.

  5. I always consider such misfortunes as a closed pool to be opportunities placed in my path by my Guardian Angel. Hoping G gets an early appt. for fixing his knee. Will it have to be replaced? Or will they be able to clean out the joint and give him a reprieve?

    1. When he fell, he tore his meniscus. They will just stitch him back together. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks. That's what I was trying for.

  7. You're too funny, Mage. Actually, I can't even swim. You're way ahead of me. Luckily, I married an athlete so the kids had a better role model.


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