November 4, 2017


Home and back into our routines. Work, read, chores, read, watch TV. I ate something yesterday that kept me up last night. Kept me running this morning. The great G didn't and is just fine.
Poolie indicated she would like a walker. We had a little one at the shop, so I got there yesterday before the doors opened and bought it for her. She's very negitive right now as these endless illnesses are getting to her. The latest, gallstones. She's heading home today with two day caretakers and one night caretaker. This will be a great weight off her friend Pat who has been there for her day and night since the beginning.
I'm going to behave and stay home.


  1. Poolie is going home.....that is good news.

  2. Feel better soon, Mage. Good thoughts for Poolie.

  3. Hope you're better Mage. So glad to hear Poolie home.

  4. She is lucky n that she can get help. Many are without choices. Pain and discomfort are real enemies and years ago I got very depressed for a year while searching for a solution for back pain. I am so sorry that you have this going on now.

  5. Don't blame Poolie for being depressed. She has hardly been able to draw a healthy breath. Hope being home lifts her spirits a bit.


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