May 23, 2020


I slept yesterday until noon.  Dear G ranted about it until almost dinner, “Walk, walk, walk; and sit and stand all day tomorrow,” he declared.

I shouldn’t ignore him, but I do.  There are other things I don’t ignore.  I never say anything when he chooses the TV program every night.  It’s “West Wing,” one episode after another.  We are through the kidnapping episode and have lost Rob Lowe because of his argument with the show staff. 

Some images from the West Wing stick forever in my mind.  The great crowd of cars, busses, and flashing lights at the end of the rescue episode.  The death of John Spencer, and, at the very ending of the show, Richard Schiff’s leak of a top secret shuttle.  That last was so wrong and out of character.

All around, much better, today I got up at six.

  • Himself:  Working with his Mining computer game.
  • Myself:  Here.  Last night I had a delightful ZOOM  meeting with old friends that left me with a golden glow
  • Reading:  Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s last volume of edited diaries.
  • Photo:  Saturday Staff at the Automotive Museum.
  • Gratitude’s:  Feeling better.


  1. Medications can really screw up sleeping for me. I finally have been sleeping 7 to 8 hours all week!! I think I am finished with the allergy stuff. Listen to your man. He only wants the best for you. I know how to use the remote and hubby has no we binge watch Endeavor, Sherlock and Midwives. I would love to watch Vera from beginning to end, but there is a premium fee. Today we head out in the canoe with the small motor for the first time in months!

  2. That was a decent show. I'm not sure I would rewatch it, but I liked it well enough then.

  3. Keep moving, don't be like me :-). I'm watching West Wing again but in chunks. Watching a couple of Korean dramas on Netflix too.

  4. I enjoyed the West Wing too. Such a great series.

    I understand G’s desire for you to keep moving. So important.

  5. If you don't move, you won't move. It's up to you, though. I would like to see you get better and get back to doing things you love.

  6. Mage, I got up at 7 this morning. That's 4 a.m. Pacific time. It's OK with me if you keep getting up and getting busy at six. Let us know tomorrow what you did all day.

  7. So glad you are feeling better and do hope you can get moving. I need to do the same. Never watched West Wing--don't now why. Now might be a good time.

  8. I think I will stop fetching things for you and make you stand up and get them yourself. Ppppfffffftttttttttt.............

  9. Art keeps telling me I need to get out and walk too since I can no longer go to Zumba. I’m finding it harder to be motivated. West Wing? Gosh... I don’t think I’ve ever watched it.


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