September 11, 2020


 I’m no longer mourning my on 9/11 birthday.  I’m taking phone calls, smiling, talking, and not so miserable that I can’t take part.  G’s letting me travel on this day via a fun restaurant or two.  Greek or Lebanese were my choices.  Now menus from each restaurant fill my screen.  Yes, I want soup AND salad.  The chicken kabob dinner comes with these plus rice and hummus.  He’s ordering three deserts.  Lots of honey and rosewater reductions. 

We will pick the dinners up and bring them home to eat at the new table.  Yes, I have to photograph that for you.  I have a fond hope there will be leftovers.


  • <A HREF=>Himself:  Playing games.  Getting tires on the Toyota…with a screw in one tire, you can’t just replace one tire when the rest are getting tired.
  • Myself:  Doing laundry.  He found me a silver and amber deco styled pin at an estate sale…dear man.
  • Reading:  One of the last of the Dick Francis’s.
  • Photo:  Taken on the grass at ‘Dog Shit Acres,” 1980?  ’78 or 79?
  • Gratitude’s:  That I am wonderfully alive, George still loves me after all these years, my cousin Tom is doing well with a Covid side effect, and SIL Will has begun walking.


  1. Good. Your good days are giving us all hope! Loved the photo on FB and wish we were closer so that I could show you how happy I am in person!!!!

  2. So much to celebrate, Mage. Have a glorious day!

  3. Happy birthday to you. Virgo's are dear, good people.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Yes, there must be leftovers.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sounds like you will have a fun and filling day. Enjoy every minute and looking forward to photos. So glad there are so many positives for you.

  7. And all is right with your world... happiness is. You make me feel great! I love that all is looking so good in your world. Hugs to you and G.

  8. Hope you had a great birthday and had lots of fun.

  9. Happy Birthday! Glad you’re doing so well.

  10. A belated Happy Birthday greeting and a question as to how you are doing. Hugs... T

  11. He is a real dear to always be thinking of you.




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