July 10, 2021


(A ‘small’ is a little bit of an item in an antique or collectible store.  It’s like a lone salt cellar or a teaspoon.)

Marta came to clean today with her daughter.  That got them out of here in two hours instead of four.  I really appreciate them yet feel a little guilty sitting in a chair and puffing.  George moved around them putting dishes in the dishwasher, drying a load of laundry, and hustling me back upstairs.

The good Doc said I’m anemic…that’s what the result of the low B-12 is.  So I am tired.  Very.  I came home, after the doctor’s visit, do all those underappreciated exercises, and suddenly take a two hour nap.   That was unwanted.  They say I need to weigh myself more often to track the water since I am not taking any water pills.  I also get five days off the non-chemo chemo.  Already my brain feels clearer. 

Maybe I will be able to tackle Bobbie’s quilt before Tuesday.

Bobbie said she would be in town today. 

All the pressure sores are healing at last.

We have lift off.


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  He can touch his thumb to his middle finger.
  • Myself:  Puffing less.
  • Reading:  Johnson.
  • Watching:  Netflix:  There’s nothing on regular TV.
  • Photo:  1983, I found a wealth of kid flics, Margot/Laka, and wanted to share them.  Top:  Mine at thhe Mission Beach Plunge.  Bottom:  1980, Connie Anderson.
  • Weather:  Clouds blowing in from the desert.  So strange.
  • Gratitude’s:  For the cooler weather here at the beach.


  1. Word of the day. Quilt, quilt quilt.

  2. Two days ago I'd have said I hadn't seen a bicycle built for two in years but oddly I saw one yesterday. Think they are a great idea.
    Hope your cooler weather holds up.

  3. That sounds on the positive side. That is a good thing.

  4. Great old photos! Great Mage, get around, get around. Good for George.

  5. Memories -- great old photos! You gotta just go with the flow and listen to your body.

  6. sounds like things are moving in the right direction. I don't even have a scale.

  7. Love the pics of your kids.

    Good news for G and the use of his hand. Take it easy, Mage.




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