August 2, 2021



I had been wanting to put one of my own photographs on display in the living room.  I remembered that it was a black and white of the Cabrillo lighthouse.  So I spent a while this weekend browsing in my B&W files.  My memory failed me, or I let must have let my brain edit the files for the image doesn’t exist. 

Lots of other images exist tho.  Many blurry…but with great context.  Friends who are no longer here yet live happily in my head.  There are whole files marked “No People.”  I like the acres of clothes hangers.  And too, I like the flowers.  I don’t like any of the images of the lighthouse probably because none fit the memory of one I do not have. 

Some make me laugh.  This high school reunion picture is one. 

Some pictures make me glad I knew the people in them.  All are taken with the same Canon point and shoot.  (One is on the table in the reunion shot.)  It’s now so old I can’t get parts for it anymore, but I still take it with me every day.  Yes, we have bought several of them used on eBay for parts, and yes, we have a kind photo repair shop willing to work on it.



  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>  Lost in space.
  • Myself:  Write, play with one picture, exercise, read endlessly.
  • Reading:  The “Pen and Des” series by Bujold.
  • Watching:  Olympics.
  • Photo:  I took them all:  White flower, lighthouse with spy antenna , Blather and Diane.
  • Weather:  78 with blue sky and little breeze.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I am awake and having fun this morning.


  1. love the agapanthus photo. and is that a triton trumpet on the table in the reunion picture?

  2. Love the reunion photo. How nice the day must have been.

  3. That first floral photos is absolutely striking. I love it!

  4. We are both doing b&w today but of very different themes.

  5. You are sounding so upbeat. Great!

    Love the b&w shots. Finding those old photos of “ancient” times is so much fun. A flood of memories of people and circumstances!




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