September 22, 2021



I flat out love Christmas décor.  Off the coast of Long Beach over 100 more-ships wait to unload.  Headlining the news today is that everything will be sparse especially Christmas decoration.  Near us is the most amazing Christmas store.  The owner has been on the news telling us how bare his shelves will be.  Ditto the Target shelves, Walmart isles, and any other store that features holiday décor.  Buy your trees early the talking heads told us this morning.

Shots.  Our hospitals are full.  G and I, who have our booster shots already, went back for the flu shots yesterday.  It was an errand day in the sunshine too.  He had his OT, I got to come home for my fast bathroom stop, and lunch was at the Brown Bagger.  We got new paper pages for next year’s appointment book and hole reinforcements from Staples…the handwritten pages of my cookbook are falling apart.

Most importantly, we drove to La Jolla to find out where I was to get an Ex-ray Monday Morning.  G kept saying he knew where, but I remained confused until I called the new Urologist’s office this morning.  A kind young man answered my old lady questions wonderfully.


  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>   Baking bread, mining in space, reading, produce something magical for dinner.
  • Myself:  Write this, read, quilt, read…you know.
  • Reading:  “Cold Welcome,”  Moon.
  • Watching:  2 NCIS’s, and we liked them.
  • Photo:   Mine at the Christmas Store.
  • Weather:  79F, Sunning, Polluted air.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I’m feeling pretty good today.


  1. my appointment with the EP is Friday. three days free of afib but started back again last night. often rapid too so I wonder if the flutter has come back. would be my luck.

  2. I heard about the ship back up and the threat of bare shelves for Christmas. My cat keeps me from having a tree so I am not alarmed. I always scout ahead too for a new place I have an appointment.
    So glad you are feeling good today.

  3. Boosters aren’t up for discussion here yet. I had my last shot early July though.

  4. Way here in the middle of America we have been hearing about those ships since there were only three. Or five.

  5. No boosters here yet but the government will let us know when. I got my second shot back in July.

  6. Oh but I know you love Christmas -- it's the greatest time of year and I'm already wondering what color you'll put with your beautiful white covered sofa and chair. I remember the red year and the blue year. Gorgeous... I know you go to the Christmas Around the World store there on old Morena Blvd. At least I think that's what it's called. They always had the most beautiful decorations. There's also a store (or at least there was) in Coronado at the foot of Orange St. (it was among the wharf shops). I bought a couple of things there in the past. Hugs to you and George.

  7. I am somewhat blasé about Christmas anymore. The change has taken place over the last decade, but I can't pin it down. For a number of years, I would try to download at least some new Christmas music, but I hardly bothered to listen at all last year.

  8. Wow! You got your boosters really fast. They're not doing it for us yet at Tripler. However, we'd like to get it on the outside so that we can get on the state COVID Smart Health Card app. The military does not provide our vaccination information to the state. So annoying.

  9. I have no idea how we're going to be treating the holidays this year. Things are not safe in Hawaii yet.

  10. I probably won't go for my booster 'til later though qualify now. Usually get my flu shot in Oct. as I'll likely do again this year. The years I'm alone at Christmas I've gradually done less and less decoration -- just enough to let me know it's the holiday with my miniature perpetually decorated tree and a few other items, a poinsettia probably.



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