November 28, 2021


 They posed for a moment before heading off to volunteer this last day at the Comic Con Special.  This year’s Comic Con was held without flash or ad’s.  They were still selling tickets today.  It was just like the old days when you could walk up and buy a ticket at the ticket window.  Only about 30 thousand attendees instead of the usual 80 thousand. 

I curled up in front of my computer and pretty well stayed there all day.  I did go downstairs for a diet coke, for a turkey sandwich lunch, and a cheese omelet for dinner.  Other than that, I investigated book reviewers.  Boy can they write.  My nose was pressed to my monitor all day, and I picked up a couple of new blogs to read on a regular basis. 

  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>   Volunteered at the Handicapt table handing out bags badges and lanyards.  Zoe too.  The staff was very impressed with her.
  • Myself:  Read all day.
  • Reading:  Blogs and now Harry Potter 6.
  • Today:  Hanukkah begins tonight. 
  • Photo:  Mine.
  • Weather:  In the 40’s at dawn, now in the 60’s, sunny, and beautiful .
  • Gratitude’s:  For the quiet of the day.


  1. I stayed in all day yesterday because the weather was cold and wet, dreary. Cold and dreary today but not wet. waiting for it warm up a bit more before I head over to the shop.

  2. Hooray for me! I have you in my feed reader now, and in my WordPress reader. All I have to do is remember to check them, which isn't guaranteed. I usually count on email alerts.

    I was most interested in your list of maritime blogs. I follow gCaptain and Shipspotting myself from time to time, along with Marine Traffic. Given your list of links and your header photo, I've got you placed around LA or San Diego, with connections to a marine industry -- great fun!

  3. They not only look cool in their costumes but they look so happy. That is an amazing drop in attendance. Hope they had fun and glad you had such a peaceful day.

  4. They look sooo good!!! Thanks for sharing this photo!!! It's a keeper, as are the two in the photo! I did next to nothing today but sewed off and on, trimmed some blocks and in general, this afternoon spent time helping Robert. He had a very bad day today.

  5. She sure as heck knows how to pose! Looks like they are both ready for some fun.

  6. They look great. Bet it was lots of fun, as usual.

  7. Fantastic costumes, hope they had fun.

  8. These costumes are so good. Nice pictures. Wonderful Post! Have a great day!
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