December 19, 2021


Bobbie and Geoff…what a pair.  An aging rock star living with an upcoming artist.  Geoff came back from Paris looking old and shrunken but acting open.  Bobbie looked and acted just like herself.  We looked just like us, but I note that I’m growing awfully quiet.

The days stay sunny and cold.  60 F (15.56 C) leaves my toes shrinking and shriveled.  George doesn’t seem to mind at all.  I note that he wears layers of Comic Con T-shirts to work.  Perhaps this museum has a heater where it’s freezing at the Automotive Museum.  All the Docents there have bought their own coats VS the canvas tan things given them by the previous administration.  It’s worth it that the guys do this.  They all look very professional.

If you want me today, I’m here adding another layer.

  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>   Working his first shift as docent at the Comic Con Museum. 
  • Myself:  Staying home and warm.  Eye drops.
  • Reading:  “The Only Way To Cross,” How at the turn of the century through the 60’s, the only way one could get anywhere else in the world was by express Ocean Liner.
  • Watching:  Last night we bounced.   And too watched Tom Hanks "Polar Express."  Today Ocean Liner Videos.
  • Christmas Eve:  Fir days.
  • Photo:   Mine at our local Christmas Store.
  • Gratitude’s:  That yesterdays visit was so wonderful. 


  1. So glad you had such a great visit but it's a shame you can't get warm. Maybe electric socks?
    I do what ever it takes.

  2. I guess the reason I dislike winter is because my feet are always cold. The rest of me can be toasty, but not the feet.

    1. Yes, I have to wear two pair of socks to stay warm now. In the past, I wore sandals year round.

  3. Comic Con Museum wasn't that bad. Auto Museum is much colder.

  4. A challenge to stay warm in our California winter and it isn't even officially winter yet.

  5. Yes, it is in the 60s here, too, but it warms up to the 70s during the day. Still, that is cold enough for me.



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