June 21, 2022


What’s happening in my world these days.

Juan, our next door neighbor is home early today.  I napped once over my book; and once after lunch.  Yes, the ham was really good.  The really nice Hospice nurse stopped by just as I was starting to eat lunch.  I told her about my hip and about the ‘Hot Spot’ on my bum.  She overloaded my rear with some orange stuff, and suggested a moving-pillow for the bed.  She also suggested a heating pad.  Ours had died the  good death, so we were off to Target to find one.

Spending:  Not so good at that.  On the whole, 400 a month for long term care is ok, but this only covers a four year period.  Discovered lemon ices.  Oooo.  Didn’t buy the giant muumuu I found at target today. That was a very economical thing.

Family:  Both kids seem to be doing well.  That’s a really good thing.  George found the fitting the held all my keys together.  I end up with three sets of keys that just snap together.  One is for Grumpy with a key fob attached.  The fob for the very blue Toyota will actually open the driver’s side door.  Grump’s fob will open the trunk….but  he doesn’t have a trunk. I guess, after all these years Grumpy is family.


  1. Hope the orange stuff and the heating pad do the job. Good that the kids are doing well and smiling at Grumpy making family status.

  2. I know that feeling when you see that the kids are doing well! That orange stuff should help!

  3. It is nice not to have to worry about the kids. I'll have to look up moving-pillow as I have no idea what that is.

  4. It's nice knowing your kids are doing fine. As parents, we always worry about that and how they are doing.

  5. I once had a lovely open ended key ring with a little screw on cap. I went back to my car after a meeting one night, and there were no keys on the ring. The cap had unscrewed and I lost all my keys between the car and the meeting. The only one I found was the car key, right by the driver door. Could have been worse.

  6. I've heard how wonderful hospice nurses are. I'm so glad she's there to help you, Mage.

  7. Of course Grumpy is family!!!!!!!!




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