June 27, 2020


I dug in to sort and find homes for all my sewing stuff yesterday.  Today I am so tired that I am not at all functional.  The last thing I need to do is put the bedspread on the bed, and for some reason, I find that one thing really hard to do.
Could it be because the flowered sheets I have on the bed right now are totally worn out?
The Midway Museum partially opens today.  George had wanted to volunteer there.  The docent training is arduous and long.  While he was working, he couldn’t  do it.  Now that he is retired, he has the time.  My volunteer job with the library is still on hiatus, darn it.  The sun us finally coming out from behind the June Gloom, and it brightens up the day.
http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  Off again to the museum.  Came home with food poisening.
Myself:  <I>Had a very bad night’s sleep.
<LI><U>Reading:</U>  <I>”An Eclectic History of Mendocino County” by Katy M. Tahja.</I></LI>
<LI><U>Photo:</U>  <I>Katy and her husband David.</I></LI>
<LI><U>Gratitude’s:</U>  <I>Katy….one of two Coronado friends.</I></LI></UL >


  1. The road back is damn near as tough as the road out. Good job.

  2. Rest today. You’ll feel more energetic tomorrow!

  3. I'm tired today, and I've done nothing, really.

  4. Listen to your body and take the rest. Hadn't thought about how some volunteer jobs like yours at the library are also in lock down. One day at a time for now.

  5. I am sometimes surprised you read my blog as you read such intellectual stuff! Your mind is still solid, even if the body aint. I had a mess of a time fitting on the bottom sheet yesterday and had to get Hubby to help me pull over the last corner. I told him I did not care if it tore. Since I got all that damn elastic, I can fix it! I think we all need to volunteer or we feel useless. I wish I was smarter and maybe find something more interesting to volunteer for!



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