October 4, 2017


Right, Captain Poolie with her friend Sally, left.

Wonderful news yesterday.  After a full body scan, Captain Poolie has no sign of lymphoma.  She is totally free.  Now only the brain tumor, the blood clot in her foot, and the side effects of chemo remain to haunt her.  We are truly happy about all but the last.

She has taken up creating things from Legos in her desire to whisk her thinking away from constant illness.  Delightful.

I spent my afternoon at the sewing machine yesterday.  Bobbie called just as I was finishing putting on the mandala edge strips (and fighting with all the dust in my sewing corner).  I really have to psych myself into sewing these days.  Maybe it’s the allergies that put me off my work.  While her lover calls me a genius, I think about moving dust mites around.  While she gives me the exciting news that one of her pieces will be on the cover of the NY gallery flyer, I blow my nose.  She has two shows upcoming, and we are all very excited.  I cough.  I laugh too.
Himself:  Work, being funny, more work.  Visit Poolie, and watch NCIS.  A simple life only if you don’t look at the volumous pages of numbers he calls work.

  • Herself:  No pool as one of my burns looks not ok.  It’s book day at the Discovery Shop…I flat out love book days.  Dinner is an invention after which we….

  • Captain Poolie:  ….when we will bring a root beer float that she will drink immediately.

  • Reading:  A Stevenson….perhaps one of her last ones.

  • Gratitude’s:  George is grateful for the bird feeder that brought a hawk which chases away the hundreds of parrots that we cannot stand.  Me: very grateful for my own washer and dryer.


    1. Danged allergies....they throw a monkey wrenc into the best things.

    2. Good news for Poolie! Yah!

      Congrats to Bobbie! Good luck to you.

    3. A Hawk? Did he put hamburger in the feeder? Parrot begone.

      1. The hawk eats the pigeons that eat the dropped bird food.

    4. Sorry about the allergies. They take the fun right out of a day. Congrats to Poolie and hope they can come up with a successful treatment for the tumor.
      Goodness, you have a parrot problem??

      1. We really have a parrot problem. A decade or so ago, a green parrot escaped. Now there are hundreds screaching while filling the sky. At night they fill the trees outside our bedroom. LOL

      2. Oh, we had a flock of parrots descend into a neighbor’s tree a few years ago — so noisy! Glad to hear the good news about Poolie, so can get on to next items.

    5. That's great about the lymphoma, but brain tumor? Blood clot? Oh wow....

    6. Best wishes for good health to all of you.


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