April 16, 2021


The mornings gift us grey skies.  Throughout the day, the June gloom thins, and by noon we have some glorious sunshine.  Errand running in the sun yesterday was delightful.  The sunshine brings a clarity to the colors and clothing, to the flowers and buildings surrounding us.  For some reason, orange is the new accent color on new construction.  I had gotten tired of blue.

Style.  I find it amusing that all young-uns are wearing pants that come up to their waist lines.  All.  So now all the tops are cut shorter to meet up with the longer pant tops.

Do you have a warrantee for your car/truck/or SUV?  One day G said something in response to one of the Spam calls.  They called us 17 times that day.  We have a 1995 and a 2005 truck and car.  Golly Gee, they always hang up on us when they discover the age of our vehicles.

The day moves on by.  I have a diet coke with my book mid-afternoon as does G. The sunshine grows watery.  Outside on the patio the geraniums scream their colors out for the world to see.  We watch the news.  I see the fog coming in over G’s shoulder as he brings the dinner in. Dinner is glorious.


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  Off in Space somewhere.
  • Myself:  Writing.
  • Reading:  JA JANCE and Joe Pickett by CJ Box.
  • Watching:  KPBS: Finding Your Roots among others.
  • Photo:  Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.  At the 1935 fair, this was the New Mexico Building.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I can see beyond the now.



  1. Thank goodness the fashion gurus have decided that pants and jeans should come up to the natural waist! I can buy them, and when I need new shirts hit up the thrift stores for long ones.

  2. Changing fashion is amusing. I watch it all and smile!

    Our spam calls have increased and the email spam is getting more unsettling. And persistent.

  3. it's been overcast here the last three days at least. and drizzly today. I hate having anything around my waist. one reason, I don't have a skinny waist and any pants or skirts that come up to my waist are too tight for my comfort.

  4. I do like this time of year. All the colors seem to be more.

  5. Hooray for beyond the now! It's cold and trying out winter again here. Don't be looking to Ohio.

  6. What a pleasant and descriptive post.

  7. I have a 2003 vehicle and am inundated with warranty requests. My 18 year old hasn't been in the shop once and I don't want to jinx it. Besides when they would hear she has 180,000 miles, pretty sure they would hang up.

  8. Fashion trends make me chuckle. Whatever clothes I wear, that's my fashion. :) Spam never stops, how annoying it must be to be a spammer. All I have to do is delete and be done. If I don't recognize a phone number, I don't answer it. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. That sounds and looks like a lovely day. That was a delightfully visual post.

  10. Really? The waistlines have moved up? It's about time. I HATED the ones that were so low it made my tummy stick out even further and created huge "love handles."

    1. Me too, but for a while the hip high ones were all you could find.

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