July 3, 2021



I dream of taking a train trip.  George reminds me that I need to be able to walk to the dining car, and he is right.  At the moment, all I can do is a short stroll followed by a long pant.  But in the last week I have been loaded up with exercises that should help get rid of the pants.

What, you ask, are all those bags for?  I have the smaller roll-on…very old.  G has the larger roll-on.  There’s a bag for the pillows and another bag for the laptop…it’s old too.  Backpacks for carry-ons.  We can live out of these for a month or more with stops to do laundry.  When we were in Paris, we just shipped our dirty laundry home.  Ships usually have machines.

I dream of taking a train trip even taking my dirty laundry along. 


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>   He’s deep into space.
  • Myself:  There’s nothing in the appointment book for the day.  Shower.  Maybe quilt?
  • Reading:  Johnson again…book one.
  • Watching:  Gay Ballet and TGBBS.
  • Photo:  Photo: George.  San Diego Train Station.  2007.  Photo me, LAX, 2007.
  • Weather:  Thickly grey and cloudy.  Don’t know if it will burn off.
  • Gratitude’s:  Not a pain to be seen.


  1. We're dreaming of being able to travel too. Sigh... We miss seeing the kids. Sigh... You guys are very efficient travelers.

  2. Yes, a train ride would be wonderful. I too am working on exercising to reduce my "pants." Wish us both luck.

  3. My dream is a train trip too. Keep working your exercises. :-)

  4. The last time I looked into taking a train it was too expensive and too inconvenient. We have terrible train connections here in the midwest.

  5. Time without a pain is a blessing. I hope you can get the strength back in your legs for a trip!

  6. Your actions have realized your ideas, which is great.
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  7. I haven't ridden a train since I was a kid. I would go visit my aunt and uncle every summer and one year my mother didn't want to make the drive so she put me on the train, this was back when passenger service was abundant.

  8. A train trip sounds great. Keep on working those legs so you can catch a ride on the train.




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