February 23, 2022



At the Nursing Home, they put me in a room with two other ladies.  All the rooms are long with a door at one end and a good sized window at the other.  The window now doesn’t fully open any more.  It did at one time, but obviously a patient attempted escape.  There is a balcony outside, but it doesn’t reach stairs.  But it does offer about the same view I had last time I was here.

I was next to the window that helped the truly horrible cough that I finally figured out the secret for only two days before I left.  (Old dusty curtans on all sides.)  To the right of me slept two ladies.  Next to me was Kay…she had surgery on both feet at the same time and couldn’t sleep laying down.  At the end was Maria.  She coughed worse than me, had a Mersa infection in one eye, and a stroke.  Most of the day they slept.  Maria slept all night too.  Kay turned the TV on and left it on all day and all night.  I had a tendency to wake around 0430 and turn the TV on.  Endless Olympics, “Lone Star Law”, more news, more Olympics, half the night too.  I’m sure they disliked me.

A food sampler:  Breakfast offered mashed potatoes, juice, water, maybe an egg, whole wheat toast, milk, and unbelievably strong coffee.  I burned out on the potatoes 3 times a day, whole wheat triggers my IBS.  The same juice was fed me three times a day too.

Finally, they said I could come home.  I actually counted the hours while filling out paperwork.  I was packed at eight, and George showed up at two.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be home.  The bed will do, the food is great, and in two days not only have I used all the facilities, but I we have eaten out several times.  

Home is heaven.


  1. I can't imagine being in a place like that. A single room would be bad enough, two roommates... I'm so glad you are home.

  2. Whew! Glad you're home! You'll need to rest some at home to make up for the rest you didn't get at Rehab. (If you have to go again, take some cotton balls and a night time cover for your eyes. My VA hospital patients would sometimes just cover themselves with their sheet over their heads to block out a roommate.) My Vital Signs checking indicated they were still ticking. Linda in Kansas

  3. You’ve sure had enough of that place. Enjoy your home once again.

  4. Yikes and they want you to get well in those conditions? Home, George, great food and normal routine must feel like paradise. Enjoy, rest and be totally well very soon.

  5. Oh Mage! It sure is. Mashed potatoes for breakfast…good grief

  6. Glad to see that you are back home. Now you can enjoy good food once again.

  7. I will try again. For some reason none of my comments are landing on your posts! Looking forward to seeing you.

    1. and here you are. I too am looking forward to your visit.

  8. OH my gosh! What a time you had. It sounds awful. I'm glad you're back home.



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