April 6, 2021



Those little green things on the trees outside are growing and flapping in the breeze.  Not much wind here lately, but enough of the moving air to move the leaves.  I’ve been thinning about bringing my stool upstairs.  Just sitting on it and watching the leaves move. 

George’s mom used to makeup words.  Endearing words. 

Yes, thinning is a real word.  I find I do this more after a long night, I thin at the world outside my windows.  I get to thinning when we are out in Grumpy.  I giraffe too.  That’s another good and useful word.  Sitting and watching the world go by without thinking.  Tomorrow we go  to COSTCO for gasoline.  Now there’s a great place for Giraffing.

 Do you all have some favorite family words you use? 


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  He’s enjoying his space game.           
  • Myself:  Finally finished all the Penny’s.  Pre-ordered the new one.
  • Reading:  The JA Jance series on the woman Sherriff, volume one.
  • Watching:  Hemingway.  Across the Atlantic, both on KPBS
  • Photo:  January 2021.
  • Gratitude’s:  The list is endless today.  G is at the head of the list.]
  • THE FLAG:  The ship is the USS John Finn.  The flag is in honor of John Finn, and he was one of the last of the Pearl Harbor survivors:  1941.



  1. Bolbow. That's where your arm bends in the middle. How happy you look.

  2. Glad you found the info about the flag.

    Love your words. Can’t remember any family words at present. I’ll think about it.

    Looking good mage.

  3. I am not sure if we still say it, but we have often in the past. When something is on the icky or perhaps dirty side, we say grubbledingers.

    Or how about frootal instead of fruitless or futile? We got this from the Dick Van Dyke show all those many years ago, when som lovestruck boy wrote to Laura that his love for her was frootal.

  4. Now you will have to do an entry on Giraffing.

  5. Can't think of any now but I will be adding giraffing to mine. That really describes the act of people watching.

  6. not family words, more regional...'fixin' to' do whatever, 'tump' as in turn over, there's a couple more that don't spring to mind just now.

  7. Great photo. YOu look so happy and ready for life!! My Dad always used to take us to Monkey Wards for shopping as far as made up words. And the wife of a pilot friend used to call United ---Untied Airlines.

  8. We don't any family made words but we did have a code P with an alarm. P was Pearl our cat. At the time, we were living in Alaska and Pearl always wanted to go out even in the wintertime when it was -40F. So we finally gave in and let her out. She didn't stay out long but when she wanted in she would scratch at the window. That's when we yelled out Code P and press the alarm so my daughter would come out and let Pearl in. For Christmas, I got a flashlight that had a radio and an alarm on it. The alarm was pretty loud, sounded like an ambulance. We would play that as soon as Pearl scratched the window. After letting her in, my daughter would return to what she was doing. A little while later Pearl would be scratching at the door again to go out. Repeat numerous times and my daughter would get agitated going back and forth. It was rather funny and even my daughter laughs at it now. It's a 20 year old memory. :)

  9. I love seeing your photo, Mage.
    Favorite words?
    Kuleana (responsibility)
    Can't think of anything else. Mind is a blank. I think I need more sleep.




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