December 1, 2021




Yes, it is “WORLD AIDS DAY.”  Please don’t forget.  I almost did.  It’s a pandemic that no longer kills but is still with us.   The HIV virus mutates even more rapidly than the Corona virus.  We don’t yet have a simple immunization for AIDS, but we do have a variety of medications.   Living with AIDS is something we do, and someday maybe we won’t have to. 


 After hunting for a good part of the afternoon, George began to believe that there never was a slipcover.  We hunted through all the drawers, and we dug behind all the doors in the bedroom.  Then we went to the living room and did it again.  Down we went to the garage, and we pulled out every box with fabric in it.  There are two good boxes of quilting fabrics down there….much to my surprise.  Finally, upstairs off the bedroom, we dug through all the boxes in the attic.  George finally found the slip cover and all its parts up in one of the boxes near the holiday things.   Now to get it washed.   

  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>   We mailed off the right presents to Milaka via FedX, took all the extra clothes to Salvation Army, and ate a burrito by the bay.
  • Myself:  Went along for the ride, writing, and reading.
  • Reading:  Harry Potter 6.
  • Watching:  Finding your roots, NCIS, and a little J Leno, then a dab of news.
  • Photo:  Ribbon: Satin awareness ribbon; Chair: mine. 
  • Gratitude’s:  That we got so much done today.


  1. We are such rich people to have so much stuff that we lose some of it in boxes and bins. I do like that chair very much. It looks perfectly cozy! Glad your work paid off. Your room is lovely. Did you do the embroidery?

    1. If you are referring to the tall piece, no I didn't. There are four of them, and I did do the drawing for them. Duck did the stitchery. It took him about two years for each of them.

  2. All of that hunting counts for official exercise! Maybe when you're done with the slipcover for the season, put it in a baggie and tape it to the underside of the chair, or store it under the chair? Put note on next year's December calendar where you "hid" it?
    Every single one of my AIDS patients were so very kind and grateful. It was an honor to take care of them. Linda in Kansas

  3. There was an article on the news here tonight about a man who has lived with AIDS for 30 years. Great news!

    Good luck with the eye surgery next week, Mage. I hope it goes easily and well.

  4. Makes sense that it was with the holiday things since that is when you use it.

  5. I worked with a girl who got AIDS from her husband. Wish I knew how she is doing.
    Isn't that the most maddening thing? Looking for something you know is in the house but where. So glad you found it.

  6. Glad you found the slipcover. Your room looks nice and comfortable especially the chair.

  7. I remember when many of my friends in Texas and San Francisco died from AIDS. Those were horrible, scary days.



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